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What We Do?

MDT is a customer oriented company. Our primary focus is on what is our customers’ needs are.

As the solution experts, our main goal is to provide a unique and exemplary service for the Genuine and OEM diesel engines spares of MTU Engine series whilst meeting customer desires.

In Which Areas Do We Serve?

At MDT, we provide services in ports, navy, yachts, marines, and power generation fields in more than 65 countries World Wide.

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Overhaul Facilities

How We Combine?

Our aim at MDT is to provide our valued customers with an exclusive product by using high quality parts and services aimed to facilitate the daily activities of our customers.

Your needs are met by our professionals who are specialised in all types of MTU engines and are pleased to overhaul your sensitive engines.

Offer Packages

Our motto is, “All MTU engines, whether newly reconstructed or used are under our guarantee & warranty”.

MDT promises to provide the complete package which encompasses all parts and services.

We take full responsibility for the quality of the engine’s renewal.

If requested, we can provide parts and services separately, depending on the customer’s wishes.

Special Storage for Our Customers

We have a wonderful offer for our customers, Storage Advantages!

We create a client-based stockpiling service which is prepared to answer all of your needs.

MDT offers original spare parts that are engineered to optimize the performance of your equipment, which leads us to give you the best possible answers for your spare part inquiries.

Here is the list which includes our product range: wear parts, spare parts, replacement components.

Here is the list which is included in our product range:

Wear parts.
Spare parts.
Replacement components.

So tell us what you need, we will prepare/procure it for you.